That went wherever I did go

An email we received yesterday, published here with the author’s permission:


just a quick question from a small independent game-dev house competing against the ones like EA, Ubisoft or MS.

what’s your first impression of ‘Stoked Rider’ as the franchise name for a series of video-games in outdoor-sports.
like Stoked Rider: Big Mountain Snowboarding
and then followed by like Stoked Rider: Downhill MTB, SR: Extreme Freeriding etc..

2002 Stoked Rider – freeware game ( more than 1.5mill units downloaded worldwide)
2006 Stoked Rider ft. Tommy Brunner ( first commercial game in this franchise, released in march but the name giving pro-boarder Tommy Brunner died in an avalanche 2 weeks after the game’s release)

2006 Stoked Rider: Big Mountain Snowboarding (to be released this winter season while still thinking of either keeping the name or dropping it)

thanks for the help in getting the best name for our venture
greetings from austria,

Michael Putz
Bongfish Interactive Entertainment

Jump in and give Mr. Putz your thoughts on his name.

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If you like Piña Colitis

Looking to slow waaaay down but can’t quite bring yourself to cram a Cinnabon Carmel Pecanbon (1100 calories/56 grams of fat) down the old gullet? Have you developed a temporal sense of respect for yourself and are you thinking, “Hmm, an Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Sugar pretzel might do the trick, and at only 400 calories and 9 grams of fat, I might not need the motorized scooter on my next visit”?

Well, the corporate gurus at Cinnabon have anticipated the evolution of your thinking. Next time you’re livin’ large at the mall / airport, you won’t have to choose.

It’s the 754 calorie (you get to keep the scooter) Cinnabon CinnaPretzel :
product naming

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Of gems, chain mail, sentries, centuries, the Pentagon and BMWs

Landor strikes again:

company_namingLandor created the name Centigon, which rhymes with Pentagon and is coined from “sentry” suggesting protection and “century” hinting at heritage.

The “Diamond Shield” mark was inspired by the prestige and strength of a diamond, the world’s most impervious element, the personal protection and agility of chain mail armor and the mobility and performance of a luxury car. The mark is luminescent, prestigious, and communicates the important functionality of layers of protection.

“Aentagon, Bentagon Centagon, Dentagon, Eentagon, Fentagon, Gentagon, Hentagon, Lentagon, Jentagon, Kentagon, Lentagon, Mentagon, Nentagon, Oentagon, Qentagon, Rentagon, Sentagon, Tentagon, Uentagon, Ventagon, Wentagon, Xentagon, Yentagon, Zenatgon…hold on, I’ve got it!”

Seriously though, if you want to save a bundle on your next landoresque naming project, here’s a hot tip. Zentagon is clear for U.S trademark registration in any and all businesses.

But hold fast your beating colon, there’s more. is available for registration as of right now.