Should Retailers Open On Thanksgiving?

More and more retailers are opening on Thanksgiving with some notable exceptions like Nordstrom and BJs. This has wide ranging implication for brands and their perceived image and relationship with customers. In the social era you share your brand with customers and people have become media; they can be your biggest advocates or detractors. On Nov. 26, King Fish CEO Cam Brown went on FOX 25 in Boston to discuss the implications for both retailers and consumers.

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Give the ladies what they want

The marketing geniuses at Neutrogena, realizing how crowded the women’s skin care product sector is, have been selling vibrators. But not just any vibrator, a vibrator that a woman can, with head held high, take through airport security, buy at the drugstore, and leave in plain sight for the kids to find. Brilliant.

It’s the Neutrogena Wave, a sex toy with plausible deniability built-in.

Here’s to wiggle room: