California’s health exchange firm considers naming fruity new name

Via LA Times:

Want to buy health insurance from an avocado? California thinks you might.

Officials at the California Health Benefit Exchange, knowing their new online marketplace for medical insurance is a mouthful, are considering some new brand names to generate buzz with millions of consumers.

“Avocado: A uniquely California approach to affordable healthcare” was one possibility presented at a board meeting Thursday.

Other names tossed around were CaliHealth, Wellquest, Health Hub, Eureka and Condor. Officials said the monikers must still undergo more consumer testing and research before a final decision is made later this year.

Enrollment in the exchange begins in October 2013 with policies taking effect in January 2014.

Marketing is crucial for the new exchange, which is responsible under the federal healthcare law for enrolling nearly 2 million new people in Medi-Cal, the state’s Medicaid program for the poor, and helping an additional 2 million Californians purchase coverage with federal subsidies.

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