The “Best” of Blandor

BlandorThe “Best” of Blandor is now available for the first time on his new, limited edition album called, “Old School.”.

This album has all of Blandor’s most forgetable tunes, including “Is That A Merkin On Your Shoulder?”, “Uniqa!, Uniqa!” and the timeless, “‘Avlimil’ is derived from the Latin av, meaning ‘ear’ and limi, meaning ‘waxy’. An added bonus is mil, Latin for ‘a whole bunch’, which suggests that the pill will appeal to many women the world over.”

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Dogfish Head Golden Shower

More frat boy humor naming, Dogfish Head Golden Shower Beer. They know their target. Ugh.

Reminds me of the time a friend said he wanted to make round (as in donut shaped) corndogs and sell them to drunk people at ball games. He wanted to call them “Round Hounds”. I immediately told him that “Dog Nuts” was a better play on donuts + hotdogs, and would have greater appeal to drunk people.

John Hessler never did launch that business, so “Dognuts”– that’s freebee number two, Samsung!

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Tell me why, bro?

WiBro? ‘Cause it’s funny. Samsung’s WiBro (wireless broadband) is one of those names that’s just as funny the millionth time you see it. Rare bird, a company with a sense of humor.

Or perhaps it’s just that they or some dim consultant they hired never thought of Wibbi (wireless broad band internet). That’s a freebee, Samsung. Run, don’t walk, to the trademark office.

Still, it’s better than a company that has lost its humanity and judgment, and demonstrates it via a name, a la Sprint and Embarq.

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