Naming and Branding in the News: 09.23.07

Steve Clarke in Variety

‘Blue Peter’ cat-naming vote rigged

Juliet Eilperin in the Washington Post

Auction to Name Fish Species Nets $2 Million for Conservation

John Russell in the Indianapolis Star

When naming a drug, it’s an inexact science

Jeff McDonald in the Register-Guard

Town of Sisters adopts brand logo to fashion new identity

Jessica Marshall in the KC Community News

Shawnee looks at city branding

Air India resurrects itself through re-branding

Newsrack India

Pink is now red as Hutch is Vodafone in India

Tim Pollard at Car Magazine

The grey area of green branding

Michelle Quinn at the Los Angeles Times

Dot-com names get dottier

Mary Ann Fergus at the Chicago Tribune

A year later, Field’s enthusiasts still fighting for name

Naming and Branding in the News: 09.16.07

Steve McKee in BusinessWeek

How Solid Is Your Brand?

BBC News

Aston Martin UK’s ‘coolest brand’

International Herald Tribune

After 25 years, USA Today plans to expand its brand beyond journalism

Juliet Eilperin in the Washington Post

New Species Owe Names to Highest Bidder

Andrew Adam Newman in the New York Times

Depilatory Market Moves Far Beyond the Short-Shorts Wearers

David Lazarus in the Los Angeles Times

Ad slogan is a subtle shift for Wal-Mart

The Telegraph

What’s in a name? A barrel of laughs


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