Two great product names

The first, “Plastic Surgeon” comes to us by way of Gizmodo:

The Plastic Surgeon, a cutting tool to open those plastic blister packs that dominate retail packaging. It’s shaped sort of like an old-school can opener (the non-turning kind), and is designed to rip the tip off of clamshell packs by slicing all the way around.

This is a perfect consumer product name, it is descriptive AND evocative at the same time AND it is a play on words, giving it multiple associations AND it is a well known phrase, making it instantly memorable and viral. For comparison, a competitors product is named “OpenX”. It’s no contest.

The second is FUBAR, a demolition crowbar from Stanley. Again this one is descriptive in that it contains the word “bar”. It is evocative in that FUBAR has a secondary meaning AND that secondary meaning also maps to the desired result of using the FUBAR.