Spree VR – Our Latest Naming Work

Spree is the first provider of family friendly free-roam VR!

Named Holodeck VR when they engaged us, they had a name borrowed from Star Trek. It gave the false impression that they specialized in sci-fi VR experiences, and presented trademark issues in parts of the world. A further concern was that other VR companies and the press were using the term ‘holodeck’ generically.

They hired Igor to find a new name that was active, exciting, memorable, genre neutral, and available to trademark worldwide.


How to rename a financial institution…

…without resorting to invented names whose only purpose is to quell internal dissent, like Truist, Comerica, Sonovus & Amegy.  Consultants invent these types of names and tell the client they mean something positive. Objections are minimized as the names don’t have any meaning, except those assigned by whomever made them up. These consultant will also tell a client that real words are too difficult to trademark, which is demonstrable false. They’re just a heavier lift to build consensus for. Here’s an example of what’s possible in the real-word world: