What’s a soul worth these days? Ask Anthony Shore

Via PRNewswire:

Landor Associates, one of the world’s leading strategic branding and design consultancies, today announced the appointment of Anthony Shore to Global Director, Naming & Writing. Shore was previously Creative Director of Naming & Writing at the San Francisco office of Landor.

In 2006, Shore was charged with establishing and leading Landor’s first naming-oriented Global Knowledge Sharing Team to optimize processes and resources worldwide. This resulted in a significant increase in naming assignments and an advancement of Landor’s capabilities in this area.

Charlie Wrench, Chief Executive Officer of Landor, said, “Over the course of Anthony’s career with Landor, he has shown nothing more than absolute passion for his work and an increasing determination to transform Landor’s worldwide naming network into the most accomplished and catalytic group in our industry. I trust that in just a few years time, this goal will be reached and Landor will be recognized as the world’s leading naming network.

When asked about his goals moving forward, Shore said, “Developing great names for a global audience requires a deep understanding of many local languages and cultures. It also requires exceptional creativity and a strategic brand focus. My vision is to maximize the individual creativity and collective effectiveness of the two dozen brilliant namers Landor Associates has worldwide. With fantastic naming work, we provide a fantastic return for our clients.

Radar Love

Nova Spivak, CEO of Radar Networks, is off to Singapore. He is fulfilling a lifelong desire to meet, “date”, and marry the Singapore Girl from those old airline ads. His quest is akin to Borat’s longing for Pamela Anderson. The “Semantic Web (???)” hooha is just a desperate cover story. From his blog:

I’m sitting in the Dynasty Lounge in Taipei, en route to Singapore where I will be addressing around 100 ministers of the government there on the potential of the Semantic Web…

…We also chose a brand for our product, with help from the mad geniuses at Igor International. The new brand is SECRET but really cool — we love it, and you will too! We’ll be announcing the brand close to launch.

If you want to be invited to our launch and be one of the first to see how useful the Semantic Web really can be — sign up for our mailing list at http://www.radarnetworks.com/ — and feel free to invite your friends to sign up too. Only people who sign up will get on our waiting list. We already have around 2000 bloggers and other influencers pre-registered, and more are coming every day, so don’t wait — it will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. We’ll be letting people into the service in waves.

What’s the category killing product name going to be, or better yet, how do you cut through all of the Web 2.0 and 3.0 nonsense names and redefine the space with THE perfect name?

All we can say at this juncture is you MUST ignore ALL of Seth’s bad naming advice.

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Court TV changes name

Igor was hired to create the new name for Court TV, which is…truTV. This excerpt from Variety tells the story:

Turner Entertainment Networks is rebranding Court TV as truTV, a moniker reflecting its ongoing conversion to an entertainment network heavy on reality shows and true crime.

“This gives us a focused brand and a wide playing field,” said Turner prexy Steve Koonin. “We felt the Court TV name was limiting us in defining what we are and what we are delivering.”

The name change marks another step in the channel’s conversion to an entertainment-focused web targeted at a demo the network refers to as “real engagers,” or those interested in true stories, widely defined as news, true crime, reality shows or nonfiction entertainment.