Roomba is the perfect product name

RoombaOompa loompa doompadeedo, Roomba’s the perfect product name it’s true. iRobot has a winning name with Roomba. They get extra points for doing it with a made-up name to boot.

Roomba ranks right up there with Snapple, which is not surprising as the two names follow the exact same strategy and construction. Roomba is a disc-shaped robotic vacuum about twelve inches across and three inches high, which quietly and effectively navigates and vacuums a room all on its own. The mind-bender is that when finished, the Roomba finds its charger and plugs itself in.

We’ve tested two different Roomba models and can tell you that the implied “room dance” in the name is an accurate take on the performance art that takes place when you switch one on. It’s a perfect name: fun, rhythmic, original and relevant, just like Snapple.