Food Substitute “Soylent”, Named for Cannibalistic “Soylent Green”, raises 1 million

Via TechCrunch:

Fascinated by inefficiencies in the industrial food system, Rhinehart designed and then started living off a meal replacement he cheekily named Soylent — after the dystopian movie Soylent Green where Charlton Heston discovers that society has been living off rations made of humans [rations called “Soylent Green”].

This Soylent, thankfully, is not made of humans.

However this Soylent most definitely is:

They were only trying to raise 100k. More on how and why names with negative associations work

Stop Using CamelCase! It Carries the Stench of Failure!

CamelCase triggers an immediate visceral association with “Failed-last-wave-fly-by-night-Web-2.0 startups” in VCs and the public.

You’d hope it was common wisdom by now, but it’s not. Via Pando Daily:

Apparently every single startup got together in secret and made a New Year’s Resolution last year. The press was never told. I have never seen it written about or heard about this dealt with explicitly. But as the year rolled on I noticed something: No well-heeled startup was using CamelCase anymore…
…CamelCase is fast becoming about as cool as the flip phone.

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