Brand Naming Strategy: Capturing Disparate Ideas In A Single Word

When your brand positioning requires a name that expresses two very different ideas in a single word, one proven strategy is to have the look, sound and personality convey idea “A” and the meaning of the name convey idea “Z”.

A real-world execution of this strategy is Trillium, a family of processors we named for Arm. The name needed to convey “high tech” AND “organic”. The name Trillium has a futuristic/sci-fi/high tech look, sound and personality. Trillium could be what powers the ships of Starfleet, the name of a fictional planet or an element on the periodic table.

Trillium covers “organic” with its meaning. It’s a type of flower, a three-petalled white lily. And now it’s a processor. It’s one of a few strategies you should explore in parallel