Tastee Freez

Trying to beat the summer heat, but can’t bring yourself to choke down another cup of soft serve? Fear not, these intrepid entrepreneurs are at your rescue:

We don’t know whose brain bastard this ad campaign is, but with classic copy such as, “a neat and convenient way to store your poop for the trip home”, our best guess would be Ogilvy. Nigel?

Unattended poop” indeed.

Save Me From My Missouri

Can you spot the irony in the rationale behind Missouri’s new tourism campaign? Via OzarkFirst.com:

(Jefferson City, MO) — Gas prices aren’t getting any cheaper- so Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt is suggesting you stay closer to home for your next vacation.

Blunt and his family have planned a three-day trip through the state, hoping to set an example with what he is calling a “Show-Me Tourism Tour.”

The Blunts are traveling in an RV through 12 state parks and historic sites – starting at the Dillar Mill historic site in Davisville and ending at the Lewis and Clark Trailhead Monument in Jefferson City.