Ironically, USA Today misspells “Humuhumunukunukuapua’a” in Spelling Bee article

We are certain you already caught this:

“People think that a word like humuhumunukunukuapuaa, the state fish of Hawaii, is hard to spell,” Bailly said. “It’s not hard to spell. It’s got a particular pattern. It’s unique. That makes it particularly easy.

“I think recede is a good example of a word that’s hard to spell. Because you’ve got the -ede or the -eed, you’ve got the C or the S. It’s a common word, but people can’t spell it.”

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Branding versus Advertising

We are often asked what the difference between branding and advertising is, as our work of positioning and naming companies and products is an essential component of branding.

Branding is demonstrating, advertising is explaining. What you fail to demonstrate you are forced to explain. In business, as in all aspects of life, it is more powerful and effective to demonstrate rather than to explain.

Advertising is shouting, branding is a whisper. When you whisper, people lean forward.

Here is a perfect example, while technically in the form of an ad, this is branding. No explanation, just demonstration

The Color of Money is…Changeable

One of the funniest aspects of alleged naming & branding firm Landor, is the ridiculous rationale they cite for the work they produce. Oftentimes they will, with capricious authority, justify a design based on what certain colors “mean” or “communicate”. These “reasons” become all the more comical when parroted by the officers of their most recent victim.

Landor’s latest for a financial company is a re-worked logo. Fiserve’s Chief Executive Jeffery Yabuki, performs the squawk of shame for the Journal Sentinel:

The new logo, which is the word fiserv. – with a period – is orange because it’s different from the common industry logo color of blue and “has a certain heat and energy to it, but not the kind of danger you perceive when you see red,” Yabuki said.

No red menace here.

No red menace here.

Red bad. Red is color of Danger. Danger bad for financial company image.

Unless of course you can sell it to another financial client. From the bowels of the Landor site:

Landor created an identity and retail space for HSBC Direct. The use of white communicates the simplicity of the brand, while red projects a contemporary attitude.

Don't be alarmed, it's just HSBC Direct's Landorian luminosity.

Don’t be alarmed, it’s just HSBC Direct’s Landorian luminosity.

Full Case study

Landor founder, Walter Landor gazing inappropriately at his half-son, Blandor.

Landor founder, Walter Landor gazing inappropriately at his half-son, Blandor.


Says Blandor the Imponderable: “I fondly recall Poppy and I attending the semi-annual wisdom tooth convention. As we sat on our haunches, grooming each other and eating our sack lunch of turkey biscotti and marshmallow toast, we would randomly jump up and shout, “Wottle up the bull throttle!”. We would then travel the 3 hours home, in complete silence, until our arrival at Mandible Station.”

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