Crochet cachet

Of all the fetish magazines on the market, the name of this one makes us feel the naughtiest. Crochet Fantasy, by virtue of its absurd name, has made the mundane oddly compelling. And disturbing. And sublimely subliminal.

Simultaneously squeaky clean AND tawdry. It’s so bad, it’s good. Perfect.

Or maybe it’s just our predilection for coarse, mustard-colored yarn…


Our Latest Work

Trillium, an Artificial Intelligence Processor. Named by Igor.

Of course Trillium is a real word, it’s a flower. The name combines the natural world with a high tech, high value -ium ending. Organic and futuristic – it’s alive.

“February 13, 2018 – Arm today announced Project Trillium, a suite of Arm IP including new highly scalable processors that will deliver enhanced machine learning (ML) and neural network (NN) functionality. The current technologies are focused on the mobile market and will enable a new class of ML-equipped devices with advanced compute capabilities, including state-of-the-art object detection.”

“Arm has created a high-end processor to handle machine learning calculations, or those that enable computers to learn without explicitly being programmed to perform certain tasks. “Project Trillium is a whole new class of product with hardware and software,” said Jem Davies, vice president, fellow, and general manager of Arm’s Machine Learning Group. “We looked at GPUs (graphics processing units) and CPUs (central processing units), but it became clear that executing with the best efficiency required a ground-up design specific to machine learning.

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