Dustin Johnson shaking up Boston & Modernista

No, “Dustin Johnson” is not a slang term for masturbation, though some consider him to be a metaphor. Dustin is the media guru who for years ran up the plumbing bill here in our office. He’s now blowing smoke from the head of the media choo-choo at one of our favorite agencies, Modernista, in Boston. While Dustin’s fleeing San Francisco is our loss, the pain will eventually subside. In Boston, the swelling is just beginning. Good luck Dustin! And good luck Boston.

Naming a children’s charity

MountainStar Family Relief Nursery is up to good things. Their mission is to prevent child abuse in children ages 0-4 up in Oregon, but their name is holding them back. It is often confused with Morning Star the fund, Morning Star a Christian nursery school located in the same town, and a few others. MountainStar has no religious affiliations. We are working with them pro bono to find a new name.

Be Anonymous everywhere you go, John Doe

From Nationmaster’s John Doe page (Nationmaster – Where Stats Come Alive!) comes the names of Mr. and Ms. Anonymous all over the world:

AustraliaFred Nurk, Joe Farnarkle
AustriaHans Meier, Hans Maier, Hans Mayer, Herr und Frau Österreicher
BelgiumJan Janssen, Piet Pietersen
BrazilBeltrano, Ciclano, Fulano, Zé ninguém, João da Silva, Zé da Silva, João Ninguém, Maria Ninguém
CanadaG. Raymond
China陈小明 (Mandarin: Chen Xiao Ming / Cantonese: Chan Siu Ming)
ColombiaFulano de Tal, Pepito Pérez;
CroatiaIvan Horvat, Pero Perić
Czech RepublicJan Novák, Karel Vomáčka
DenmarkMorten Menigmand
Faroe IslandsMiðalhampamaður
FinlandMatti and Maija Meikäläinen
FranceJean Dupont, Monsieur Durand
GermanyMax and Erika Mustermann, Lieschen Müller, Otto Normalverbraucher
HungaryGipsz Jakab , Kovács János
IndonesiaSi Polan
IcelandMeðal-Jón, Meðal-Jóna, Jón Jónsson, Jóna Jónsdóttir
Republic of IrelandSeán and Síle Citizen
IsraelIsrael Israeli ישראל ישראלי and also Ploni פלוני and Almoni (as a party to Ploni)
ItalyMario Rossi
Japan名無しの権兵衛 (Nanashi no Gonbei)
Korea홍길동 (Hong, Gil-dong)
LatviaJānis Bērziņš
LithuaniaJonas Jonaitis, Petras Petraitis
MexicoJuan Pérez
MalaysiaSi Anu, Si Polan, Si Polan Bin Si Polan
MaltaJoe Borg
Netherlandsa defendant is referred to with first name and initial, e.g. “Mohamed B.“; Jan Modaal is approximately the Joneses, in particular referring to average wealth
NorwayOla and Kari Nordmann
PeruJuan Pérez, Fulano de Tal, Zutano, Mengano
PhilippinesJuan dela Cruz
PolandJan Kowalski, Jan Nowak (but in legal/police work person unknown is NN)
PortugalZé Ninguém
RussiaIvanov, Petrov and Sidorov, Vasya Pupkin, Vasya Tapochkin
Serbia and MontenegroPetar Petrovic
SloveniaJanez Novak
South AfricaKoos van der Merwe
SpainPedro Perez, Fulano, Mengano, Zutano
SwedenMedel-Svensson, Sven Svensson
SwitzerlandHerr und Frau Schweizer, Hans Meier, Hans Mustermann
ThailandSomchai, Sommai, Nai-Gor
United KingdomFred Bloggs or Joe Bloggs, John Smith
UruguayFulano, Mengano; Juan Perez
USAJohn Doe, Jane Doe, John Q. Public, Joe Blow, Joe Sixpack, Sally Sixpack, John Smith (which has largely been replaced with John Doe)
VietnamNguoi La