Igor looking for new lab

We are looking to move Igor from the center of San Francisco out to the pricier, waterier fringe. If you are a creative agency in S.F. with some space to let, and you are close to the Embarcadero, give us a call or drop us a line. We’re interested in bunking with an advertising or identity firm, as those are the services our clients need post naming. And if there is one thing we have learned in life, it’s that when a water view is an option, take it.

A Norse is a Norse, of course, of course

Which may explain why they describe everything twice. We give you the new Wayfinder Navigator, from the funny Finns at Nokia:

Nokia today added GPS functionality to its handset range with the introduction of a Navigation Pack comprising a 6630 smartphone, a wireless GPS module and the Wayfinder Navigator application.

“Location-based services are among the top consumer choices for new mobile applications,” said Kirsi Kokko, director for smartphone and business solutions at Nokia.

Jonas Sellergren, vice president of product management at Wayfinder Systems, added: “The Wayfinder Navigator in a Nokia smartphone delivers a complete navigation experience that was primarily built into cars.”

Nokia 6630 smartphone users with GPRS can see their position and the easiest route to their destination on a digital map, provided by Tele Atlas.

Once installed Wayfinder’s map selection, which currently covers Western Europe, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Greece, is ready for use.

Not only has Nokia embraced a descriptive naming strategy for the new product, they’re double dipping. Only when you fully appreciate the layers of different meanings that “Wayfinder” and “Navigator” bring to the table, can you truly bask in the brilliance of smushing them together.

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Joanie loves Karachi

For all of you press agents out there complaining that times are tough, try writing a press release promoting tourism from India to Pakistan. That’s just what the earnest scribbler tasked with writing this release was up against. Our favorite line is the inspirational conclusion:

Clearly, there are far worse places in the world to take a holiday!