Wall Street Not Impressed With Playboy

From All Headline News:

Playboy, like many other magazines throughout the nation, has not done so well on Wall Street with shares falling about 18 percent in 2006. Wall Street is not forecasting much improvement for 2007.

Wall Street may not be impressed, but those outperforming contrarians at Rochester, NY based money management firm Manning and Napier (cheap plug for my dad’s firm) are sticking with what they know, the Playboy brand:

Virge Trotter, an analyst with Manning and Napier Advisors, said, “People have questioned the long-term ability of Playboy to survive but we think it will survive. We like the plans they have in cable and licensing and the valuation is cheap enough that not a lot has to work for the stock to rebound.”

All it will take is a few million snowbound Upstate New Yorkers…

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