Really bod product naming

Parfums de Coeur (a Connecticut company) is selling body spray, deodorant and “body wash for men” under the brand name BOD Man. Their website touts one “flavor”of BOD Man, called “Really Ripped Abs”, as “a fragrance with the staying power of a man”. It fails to say which man, however. Ewww de Cologne indeed.

But whether you chose Really Ripped Abs or one of their other “flavors”, like Player, Rock Hard or Fresh Guy, you’ll be puzzled to know that all BOD Man flavors are “a whole new way to wear fragrance”. They don’t say what that new way is and we don’t want to know.

Perhaps this “new way” is necessitated by the fact that the body spray is is flammable and should not come in contact with fabrics.

What kind of man wears BOD Man, you ask? According to, people who bought BOD Man also bought lipstick and nail polish.

Enough said.

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