Meshtech Wireless changes their company name

First, a little background on publicly-traded MeshTech:

Our firm is in the business of providing wireless mesh technology solutions that extend your existing hardware, while removing the burden of extensive wiring and or fibre optic networks. Meshtech Wireless Inc. offers many types of solutions for various business to business and or business to consumer applications such as wireless mesh connectivity, VoIP Smart Phone Technology, USB IP Phones and Mesh Set Top Boxes to name a few.

On August 4, Roy Mers was elected MeshTech’s new Chairman and CEO. After less than a week on the job, Roy is making a couple of small tweaks to the company’s business plan:

MeshTech Wireless, Inc. (MTWL. PK), announced today that it has elected to change the name of the company to SLEEP HEALERS HOLDINGS, INC. and change the direction of the company, effective August 8, 2006.

“I have been following the trends and growth of the sleep diagnostic/disorder industry for 2 years. I believe that significant growth opportunities exists for sleep industry companies that provide the highest quality of facilities and service to the medical community.

Sleep well, MeshTech shareholders.

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