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Slowboy Racing is a truly great name. Their name demonstrates confidence and powerfully conveys that they must be good and they must be fast to have the huevos to call themselves Slowboy. From

Mike Huml of Blairsville founded his Indiana-based company, Slowboy Racing, in January 2002, looking to turn his hobby–working on race cars–into a full-time business.

Since then, his venture into modifying and providing parts for turbocharged vehicles has far surpassed his initial goal. It currently generates annual sales of nearly $5 million, both foreign and domestic, while providing work for 22 full-time employees…

…According to Huml, the ironic name was inspired by his younger brother, when the family was participating in a drag race and a friend teased Nick II, calling him “Slowboy.”

Though the unusual name choice was not well-received by his wife or his advisers at IUP, Huml stuck to his guns and has not regretted the decision. The name has proven memorable with both current and potential clients. It has gained the company recognition both on the racing circuit and at an annual after-market auto trade show in Las Vegas.

Their use of irony makes the name infinitely more memorable, engaging and effective than had they gone the usual route of Rocket Racing, Greased Lighting, Lightspeed, Full Tilt, Motor Mouth, Hell Bent, Rat Race or Like a Chicken On A June Bug Racing, etc. Actually that last one’s not bad.

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