Good naming news

Today heralds the launch of Accomplice, a new time / project management software company. The name works in large part because “accomplice” is a word that is mostly invoked when something tawdry is afoot, yet when used in this context that quality gives the name just the right amount of intrigue, relevance and memorability.

Most companies would have vetoed the name Accomplice for fear of possible implied criminal traits, but this company was smart enough to know that the target audience is not that literal. Nicely done.

Additionally, the Accomplice tagline, “Your partner in time” confidently calls back the “negative” (intriguing) aspect of the name.

One comment on “Good naming news

  • hehe, i choosed a similar name for my project after studying igors naming guide for 6 (six) months. But its not a software company. It is very hard to find an avocative name that is free for trademark at the same time, espacialy if you dont invent names everyday. It was pure horror.


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