Quorn, The Other Swap Meat

In a bid to up the appeal of their menu, McDonalds U.K. is now offering the Quorn Premiere, a fermented fungus fillet. From the Telegraph:

Quorn was born out of nutritionists’ fears in the early 1960s that rapid population growth might result in global protein shortages. As a result, scientists began looking for plant-based protein foods and, in 1967, the discovery of a fungus in a North Yorkshire soil sample provided the unlikely solution.

The pharmaceutical arm of ICI, now Astrazeneca, and food producer RHM jointly started experiments on this “mycoprotein”.

By 1985, it was approved by the authorities for food use and the next year was launched under the name Quorn.

Low in fat and carbohydrate and high in protein and fibre, it is now grown in 155,000 litre fermenters and used as a “meat alternative” in sausages, burgers, mince. McDonald’s has even launched a Quorn Premiere – a Quorn fillet in a bun.

The obvious movie promotional tie-in here would be with the re-release of Soylent Green, a film born out of the same protein shortage fears.

Can the “Carl’s Junior Quorn Star” be far behind? Can’t wait for the commercial.

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