A powerful name is the result of a powerful positioning strategy.

The key is to create a fresh way into the mind of your audience, engage them on as many levels as possible, and to redefine and own the conversation in your space.

Here's what happens when we put these principles into practice:

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The Company Names of Naming Companies Name Taxonomy

Behold naming company names in the company of the names of other naming company names.

Are we biased in our opinion? Absolutely. We believe strongly that the name a naming company names itself is a clue to the kinds of company names they believe in. And if a naming company cannot manage to give itself a distinctive, memorable name that sets itself apart from the slew of competitors you see below, a company name that can evolve into a strong brand within the industry and come to represent more than just the goods and services being offered, how can they possibly convince others that what they fail to do in their own company name they can somehow magically do for their clients?

So a call to arms is in order: Namers, name thyself well! Because you've got company.