We create names for companies large and small, from names announced by Richard Branson and Bill Gates, to names for startups in Healthcare, Yoga Wear, Biopharma, Education, Premium Spirits, Apps, Autosteering, Life Insurance, Fitness, Finance, Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence.
We're equally at home naming the computer processors in smartphones or the premier hotels of the world. And absolutely everything in between.

We create names for projects large and small, from names announced by Bill Gates and Richard Branson, to brand names for startups in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, yoga wear, travel, software, biopharma & premium vodka.

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The Brand Naming Process

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A brand name has a job to do. Create a job description for it.


Finding the perfect name should be approached like you're hiring a Global Director of Branding, Marketing & Advertising. Because that's exactly what you're doing. So it's natural to put together a list of asks for your name that includes things like credibility, trust, reliability, honesty, transparency, quality, yada yada yada.

But a name is a specialist, and these types of foundational brand positioning qualities are common to every business in existence. They need to be established by the other touch points of your brand. "Not my job", should be the response of any name candidate asked to perform these duties. In fact, using such qualities when grading name candidates will result in the best qualified names not even receiving an offer:



Credibility, Trust, Reliability, Honesty, Transparency, Quality



Credibility, Trust, Reliability, Honesty, Transparency, Quality



Credibility, Trust, Reliability, Honesty, Transparency, Quality



Credibility, Trust, Reliability, Honesty, Transparency, Quality



Credibility, Trust, Reliability, Honesty, Transparency, Quality


None of the over-performing names above can pass the Credibility, Trust, Reliability, Honesty, Transparency, Quality test. Which is great, because your audience doesn't look to your name for these sort of reassurances. But more importantly, it leaves the name free to have the kinds of qualities it needs to be exceptionally good at its job :

Unexpected, Human, Engaging, Thought Provoking, Memorable, Disruptive, etc.


Here's what a job description for a name should look like:




  • Go viral, propelling itself through the world on its own, becoming a no-cost, self-sustaining PR vehicle.

  • Redefine and own your category.

  • Demonstrate to the world that you're different, creating clear & wide separation from your competitors.

  • Create a positive and lasting engagement with your audience.

  • Provide a deep well of marketing and advertising images.

  • Be the genesis of a brand that rises above the goods and services you provide, so that you're not selling a commodity and/or competing on price.

  • Be unforgettable.

  • Support the unique positioning of the product/company.



Depending on the positioning of the product or company the name will represent, you'll further screen name candidates for specifics, such as:

  • Personality - Warm? Fun? Futuristic? Mysterious? Sexy? Scientific? Confident? Superhuman? Quiet?
  • Communication Skills - What part of the conversation in your industry should the name address, define, redefine, express, demonstrate or dominate?
  • Personal Appearance - The way a name looks and sounds can communicate volumes, independent of the meaning of the word. Computer processor name "Trillium" has as a sci-fi look and sound, though it's a type of flower. Artificial Intelligence company name "Megagon" has the attitude of one of Godzilla's rivals, though it's a mathematical term that describes vectors, harmony, and a million things coming together as one

But what if you find the perfect candidate, except they have a criminal past? As long as they can carry out the Responsibilities and have the Qualifications, it'll be fine: Hotwire, Accomplice, Wheelman,and walking the talk, Igor.

Bad breath and a ghoulish smile? Don't count them out: Bluetooth.

A complete lack of experience? Sign them up: Virgin.

Igor's Naming Process:


  • Positioning – The more specific and nuanced your positioning is, the more effective the name will be. All great names work in concert with the positioning of the brand they speak for.
  • Competitive Analysis – The next step is a thorough competitive analysis, in which we quantify the tone, strength and messaging of competitive names. This is essential for refining brand positioning. It tells you exactly where you need to be in order to dominate the competitive landscape.
  • Name/Brand Development – Name development begins by applying the positioning strategy and competitive analysis results to determine all of the things your new name needs to do for your marketing, branding and advertising efforts.
  • Trademark – We prescreen all names for worldwide trademark availability before presenting them to you. This ensures a process that exclusively produces names you can legally use.


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