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Oct 31, 2020: "Patrick Mahomes’ latest investment, sports tech startup Whoop, now valued at $1.2 billion. The MVP quarterback joined a handful of other athletes – including Kevin Durant, Eli Manning and Rory McIlroy – in investing in a tech unicorn called Whoop, Forbes reports." [Full article]

whoop naming agency

Fast Company names WHOOP The Most Innovative Wellness Company of 2020. WHOOP!

When a company called XOsphere hired Igor to re-name them, they wanted a name that demonstrated a visceral experience.

WHOOP wasn't the only exclamation considered, there's just something subliminal in wHOOP that works with the form factor...

whoop naming agency

Time Magazine: "Over in the NBA, where WHOOP is still illegal, players like the Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan are stuffing the sensor under their wristbands to get an edge. These professional athletes are strapping the WHOOP (rather than a Fitbit or Apple Watch) to their bodies because it provides an enormous amount of data on their performance day and night, in pre-game warmups and during post-game recovery.

WHOOP’s key advantage over other fitness bands is the amount of data this it collects and pushes into the cloud for processing. With five sensors that collect data 100 times per second, the wearable sucks up 100 megabytes of data per user, per day. By comparison, the Apple Watch’s sensors generally turn on just once per minute. But even with all that information, WHOOP’s strength is in its simplicity. After crunching all the numbers (including next-level stats like heart rate variability and sleep latency), the system gives users three metrics to judge themselves against: strain, recovery, and sleep."

whoop naming agency