Ventrix – The North Face

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The name Ventrix is simply a contraction of Vent Matrix. Simplicity is essential when creating an invented brand name. Presented in context, invented names need to resonate immediately with the target audience.

The name Ventirx is uncomplicated, but process of finding a name that is trademarkable worldwide in the most crowded trademark category with the look, sound and feel like a technology ingredient brand requires experience and trademark savvy.

Business Insider, February, 2018, "Wouldn't it be nice if the expensive jacket you're wearing regulated your insulation for you, so you could just enjoy the activity uninterrupted? The North Face thought so, which is what lead them to create the much-hyped Ventrix collection. Instead of just making the material air permeable, The North Face included a bunch of tiny, laser-cut slits that are supposed to remain closed while the wearer is at rest and open when the material is stretched (ie. when the wearer moves) to dump trapped heat and put temperature regulation on autopilot.The company describes the Ventrix as designed for "highly aerobic activity in variable weather conditions." In other words: versatile."

Ventrix in Popular Mechanics' "Outdoor Retailer: The Best New Gear of the Year":

"PM is at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Show in Salt Lake City this week, getting our hands on all the gear that outfit your next adventure.

Built for all-day adventures, the Ventrix's flexible insulation features small perforations that stretch open when you move to vent heat. When you stop to catch your breath, the perforations remain closed to keep you warm."

Via Feed The Habit, a cutaway image showing the Ventrix insulation:

Described as: "A synthetic insulated mid layer that features a dynamic venting insulation layer that activates with movement and works in tandem with highly wind-permeable fabrics."

Since increased output goes hand-in-hand with increased motion, The North Face debuts an insulated jacket with venting slits in the synthetic insulation. The Ventrix’s tiny gills remain closed when the fabric is relaxed, but open to release heat when flexed.