Video game sub-brand name for EA SPORTS – Freesytle
EA SPORTS Freestyle

EA SPORTS hired Igor to name a new sub-brand aimed at a growing, more casual sports gaming audience. The new brand features games that will be playful, inclusive, casual, and easy to pick up and play.

Snoop Dogg explains:

From Adweek:

Known for its realistic sports games -- thus the tagline "It's in the game" -- EA Sports has a rabid following with core gamers. However, as the gaming audience has widened, EA Sports has realized so must its title offerings.

"We've been delivering world-class simulated sports entertainment for two decades," said Peter Moore, president of EA Sports, Redwood City, Calif. "But, we've seen the growth of Nintendo Wii, in particular, as well as more casual games. We knew we had to look at different ways to talk to consumers." …

EA Sports Freestyle games will be "about fun, inclusiveness, cooperation and suspending the normal rules associated with sports video games," according to the company.

At Igor, we firmly believe that for all projects, we are never naming a company, product or service – we are naming the positioning of that company, product or service. And for EA SPORTS, Igor created the perfect name to fulfill the positioning requirements of this brand: Freestyle. From the EA SPORTS press release:

"The launch of EA SPORTS Freestyle is an exciting milestone in the evolution of the EA SPORTS brand," said Peter Moore, president, EA SPORTS. "EA SPORTS Freestyle will be a perfect complement to our core portfolio of games that our loyal fans are deeply passionate about, and will provide compelling opportunities for new audiences looking for a lighter gaming experience and an easier entry point into EA SPORTS."

Jump in, have fun, anybody can play, express yourself, and bend all the usual rules. That's what it's all about. Freestyle will take sports gaming to a whole new level, for a vast new audience.