New university name for existing graduate school – Palo Alto University
Palo Alto University

The Pacific Graduate School of Psychology is one of the premier graduate schools in the United States for the advanced study of psychology. Located in Palo Alto, California (also the home of Stanford University, a partner), PGSP came to Igor for a new name. The name Pacific Graduate School of Psychology was too narrow for what had grown to become a full-fledged university still focused on the study of psychology, but broader in scope and encompassing undergraduate as well as graduate studies. PGSP wanted to keep their name in place for the graduate school of psychology, but wanted a broader name, preferably with a regional basis, for the umbrella university name.

The chosen name, Palo Alto University (PAU), neatly solves the problem, linking the school to the local community, the region in general, and by association to Stanford University's School of Medicine and Department of Psychiatry, with which PGSP has cooperative relationships.

From the Palo Alto University website:

Founded in 1975, the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology reincorporated to Palo Alto University in 2009. Combining the advantages of a professional school with a traditional university, Palo Alto University provides undergraduate and graduate students small class sizes with renowned faculty and impressive clinical training resources through the university's cooperative relationships with Stanford University, the University of San Francisco, Golden Gate University and Palo Alto Veterans Health Administration. The positive results of this strategy can be seen in students' placement in high quality internships, outstanding test scores on the licensing examination, and successful careers.

And then there's just the sheer joy factor for us in being a company named Igor that has named a very well respected university specializing in psychology:

Igor holding brain