European IT training company name – Firebrand
Firebrand IT training

The Training Camp, a UK and Germany-based IT training company, decided to go out on its own and become independent of the American company that shares the same name. Going independent required a new name, and the company wanted a powerful name that captured its spirit as philosopical and tactical disruptors within the IT training industry, pioneers of an intense, immersive, accelerated approach to IT learning that is far ahead of its competitors in the European market. Naturally, they hired Igor for this challenge.

The new name had to work specifically in the UK and Germany, as well as across the whole of the European IT community that the company serves. Igor created the name Firebrand with the ethos of the company in mind. The definition of a concept of an idea or person that challenges outmoded beliefs and methods suits the way Firebrand Training delivers industry-leading training as well as embodying its approach to the industry.