App launched July 23, 2020. Name and Tagline by Igor.

ceasefire app

Ceasefire is the new name of ChangeAView.


Forbes: "A new social media app looks to remove the vitriol and the intolerance from modern political discussions on vital issues by disallowing personal attacks and other forms of stifling hostility.

Its creators hope the app’s arrival on the scene will bring people together in the midst of potentially violent political conflicts.

ceasefire app

The new mobile app calls itself Ceasefire and grew from a subreddit founded in 2013 by Kal Turnbull called Change My View. The discussion venue welcomed political discussion and persuasive debate, while abandoning the polarized narcissistic attacks and “points scoring” that’s so engrained in today’s political discourse. That board grew to more than 1 million subscribers and showed signs of outgrowing the Reddit platform." [Read more]

ceasefire app

Kal Turnbull, Ceasefire founder: "Many of us have grown tired of the unproductive discourse taking place on social media, ranging from people talking past each other to those exchanging bitter personal attacks.

I believe this behavior is heavily influenced by system design—specifically, a failure to consider (or care about) the second order effects of optimizing for ‘engagement’.

Ceasefire fosters elevated dialogue spanning diverse views and topics. It’s the embodiment of ‘quality over quantity’, with every product decision made accordingly. Features include: ‘shine’ votes, which rank comments without obnoxious point scores or notifications; principled guidelines, including a ban on hostility toward other users; topic tags (curated by you), focusing discussion on the issues instead of individual popularity—the list goes on and continues to grow'.

On changing his company's name: "Our aim is to be a place that fosters inclusive and productive dialogue, where people can learn about the world’s perspectives and share their own insight.

Changed views naturally occur from this, which we continue to welcome with our delta system. But focusing the name on one possible outcome incorrectly suggested it’s the only reason for posting and that any other result is a failure. Not to mention the wide interpretations of what ‘change’ actually means.

It was clear we needed to rebrand.

Stuck, I looked for help online and found a fantastic naming guide by an agency called Igor. Following some conversations with its co-founder Steve Manning, we decided to hire Igor, and ‘Ceasefire’ emerged from the process as a clear winner.

‘Ceasefire’ gets to the heart of what we’re all about. In a polarized world, bitter personal attacks and tribal point-scoring feel like the norm. We want to change this. But the alternative need not be a clinical transaction, nor is unanimity the goal. We host a spirited exchange of ideas, without destructive insults, in which to challenge each other is a rewarding experience. We’d love for you to give it a try." [Read more]