Contextual Support

From the mountain of names we work through together, a handful will emerge as leading contenders. At this point the job is to exhaustively and specifically flesh out the relative strengths of each name. We present names with a range of taglines and contextual positioning support in the form of website mockups, print ads or commercial treatments. This presentation is key to helping everyone involved understand how a given product or company name could work in your marketing and advertising campaigns. It lifts the naming process out of the realm of theory and breathes life into the names, a vital step in the decision-making process.

These same materials are designed to work seamlessly for any focus group testing or market research that you feel is necessary. We can advise you and/or run the testing phase for you if you wish. And we have extensive experience presenting positioning, brand strategies, names and taglines to boards of directors.

Here is a sampling of some of the many contextual support images created during the course of the Tickle project (images blurred to respect photo rights):


Name and Tagline