Mobile phone content platform and company name – Whoop

When a company called XOsphere hired Igor to re-name them, it was clear to us from the very beginning that here is a company that "gets it", as in truly understanding where their invented start-up name fell short as a brand, and what a great name could do for their business.

XOsphere had created a powerful new mobile content platform that was truly phone and carrier-agnostic, and they wanted an exciting, exuberant name that would match their vision and serve as a lightning rod for companies and the public to adopt this content platform. The name ideally had to be a short verb, as well as exciting, inspiring, fun to say, memorable and extensible.

Naming a groundbreaking new company, product or service is always the most fun, and this project was certainly no exception. The name Igor created for this amazing new content platform is Whoop:

Whoop means share

Whoop makes it easy for every company, agency or individual to create, publish and share rich mobile content to almost every mobile device. Not just text, but pictures, videos and, well, everything imaginable for mobile entertainment, marketing, communications, commerce and social networking. With Whoop, you can share your stuff with more than 3.5 billion phones in every country on the planet.

…Whoop wants to be the verb that means "everything mobile." That’s all.

Whoop wants to be your Mobile Coke or your (unused) Mobile Kleenex. Whoop me. Whoop it. Whoop Us. Whoop the world. Whoop.

Whoop’s mission is just as concise: Help companies and individuals easily share mobile content.

Whoop is redefining the conversation in the mobile content space. Just as many of Igor's clients have done in other industries, from Wi-Fi in the sky and the semantic web (Web 3.0), to green mobile phones, hi-def television broadcasting, continuing medical education, interactive advertising, IT training, sales support and more.

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