Naming Strategy: Find a name that would define and own the category. The goal was to have the name be an eponym; a name that's shorthand for the category, like Xerox, FedEx & Google.

2019 National Farm Machinery Show: "The precision ag experts at AgJunction reveal Wheelman, a simple, affordable auto-steer system that can be installed in less than an hour."


"With Wheelman, we will bring the technology used by the largest farm operations to one million smaller farms worldwide. We believe that all farmers should prosper, and with autosteering, farmers can reduce input costs and increase yields," said Dave Vaughn, AgJunction chief executive officer.

AgJunction's Wheelman delivers a complete, do-it-yourself autosteering system for under $3500 with a simple design that any farmer can order online and install in less than an hour on most equipment.

As elevated by the Fast & Furious and Transporter films, a Wheelman is an expert driver who takes the wheel when it really counts, and always saves the day.