Social Network Rename – Tickle
Tickle Social Network

One year after we renamed Emode to Tickle, it was sold for $94 million by our client, James Currier.


Real friends Tickle: Emode hired us to name rename their social network. The fast emerging and highly competitive social network sector was populated with mostly descriptive names, such as Friendster, Friendspot, people2people, Six Degrees, Zero Degrees, Everyone's Connected, ITSNOTWHATYOUKNOW and Visible Path. Other names include Rhyze and Huminity, which defy rhyme, reason and classification.

As always, we were looking for the one name that worked on as many levels as possible. So the name had to be able to tie together all aspects of Emode's business, including the seemingly disparate activities of IQ tests and romantic matchmaking. We had to develop a brand name that made sense for intellectual pursuits, dating and social networking. Tickle works for all three: Tickle you Brain, Tickle your Mate, Real Friends Tickle.