Consumer LCD color-changing iPod/iPhone case name – Skin Flik
Skin Flik Skin Flik case

Why the name Skin Flik? Because they are skins that change color with a flick of your finger across their surface. There was a second reason...but memory fades....

Happily, they use no power whatsoever from your portable device. It's true. Highly reflective LCD technology.

Why no "c" in Flik? We dropped the "c" to pull it away from the time-honored "Skin Flick" and create a unique brand name. Visually it was done for balance; to make both words 4 letters and get the ki-ik bookend thing happening between the two words. And of course to make it findable instantly on Google and not be blissfully buried beneath reels of "Skin Flicks".

Currently available for iPod Touch, coming soon for iPhone. Check out all the designs at the Improv Electronics site.