Business-to-business company name – SEVEN

SEVEN's patent-pending software, System SEVEN™, allows mobile data and telecommunications operators worldwide the ability to offer subscribers secure, real-time access to email and corporate applications via any mobile device.

It was clear early in the process that a descriptive name ("...Wireless") or a dot-com-ish invention would not work to position this company above and beyond the pack in the crowded telecommunications sector; indeed, only a clear, bold, evocative name, instantly recognizable and loaded with layers of meaning, would suffice. SEVEN emerged as the perfect name.

We worked directly with SEVEN's founder and CEO, Bill Nguyen, who explained the appeal of the name we created in The New York Times Sunday Magazine:

Seven's abstract, slightly mystical quality, Nguyen reasoned, was the essence of its appeal. "It has so many different connotations," he says. "Seven Wonders of the World, seven days of the week, on the seventh day God rested. It's the number of perfection, the good-luck number. There's also a data language in the telecom industry called SS7, which the companies we deal with will appreciate."

System SEVEN is available today from the following mobile operators worldwide:

News: SEVEN Wins Network Magazine's 2003 Product of the Year Award.