Solid state (SSD) drive family name – Pulsar
Seagate Pulsar

For this naming project -- one of many with Seagate -- Igor was asked to create a new name for not only a product but and entire product family: Seagate's initial foray into solid state drives (SSD), which "differ from other products within the Seagate enterprise portfolio because [they] leverage non-volatile flash memory rather than spinning magnetic media to store data."

Seagate Pulsar drive

Segate needed a name for this breakthrough product family that captured its futuristic essence and conveyed key concepts of speed, small footprint, power, capacity, durability and reliability. Igor created the name Pulsar for this product and product family, perfectly capturing these characteristics with a metaphorical, evocative astronomical term meaning "one of several hundred known celestial objects, generally believed to be rapidly rotating neutron stars, that emit pulses of radiation, esp. radio waves, with a high degree of regularity."

Designed to meet OEM perrformance, power, size and reliability requirements for enterprise blade and general server applications, the Pulsar SSD leverages 30 years of Seagate history of successfully designing, building and supporting the industry's highest-quality enterprise storage devices for I/O-intensive, 24x7, enterprise computing environments.

Key Features and Benefits

Take a ride on the new Pulsar. Data traveling at the speed of light now has a drive that can keep up with it!