Defense contractor/industry company name – Primordial

Soldier Vision, a defense contractor that develops vision systems for soldiers, police officers and firefighters, came to Igor for help with a name change. While their initial product was vision enhancing equipment for soldiers, it became clear that their customer base and product range was expanding beyond both the military and the field of "vision". The old name was just too descriptive and limiting.

At the core of their positioning, they provide simple interfaces to complex technology with a minimalist design. The result is an ultra high-tech system that works with the operator in an intuitive, visceral, organic and primal way on an atavistic level.

Clearly, Primordial was the only word that could capture all of those ideas in an interesting, never-been-done way, and provide the company with clear separation from their competitors in the defense contracting industry. Primordial is also a great counterweight to "hi-tech", the distance between the two being as big as it gets, making the pairing of concepts compelling and engaging.

Beyond the intuitive and visceral connotations so key to their brand positioning, Primordial also brings lots of other meanings and ideas to the table. Dictionary definitions such as –

first-hand, genuine, inceptive, master, pioneer, constitutional, constitutive, crucial, elemental, elementary, essential, first, foundational, grass roots, indispensable, integral, intrinsic, key, major, meat-and-potatoes, necessary, nitty-gritty, organic, original, paramount, principal, radical, requisite, significant, structural, substratal, substrative, supporting, sustaining, and immediate

– all play into the brand positioning and give the company plenty of marketing and advertising ammunition to draw from for decades to come.

Primordial is also one of those words that is fun to say, and the sum total of its qualities make it a very powerful and evocative name.