DuPont global crop protection product name – Prevathon
DuPont Prevathon

Igor has worked with DuPont on 8 crop protection naming projects: Prevathon, Coragen, Ally, Ferterra, Agility, Altacor, Perspective & Viewpoint.

The first to launch was our name for DuPont's novel, low environmental-impact insecticide, Prevathon™:

This unique molecule is extremely effective at providing long-lasting control of a broad spectrum of chewing insects and several other important insect species at low application rates in a wide variety of crops. It also exhibits an excellent environmental profile.

Igor developed a coherent naming architecture and created multiple Rynaxypyr™ brand names for different global markets, including the brand Prevathon for Asian rice and vegetable growers:

Filipino vegetable and rice farmers are the first to enjoy the breakthrough benefits of DuPont™ Prevathon™ insect control powered by Rynaxypyr™. Prevathon™ provides fast-acting and long-lasting control of important insect pests with a low environmental impact. Prevathon™ is registered for use in the Philippines on eggplant, cabbage, string beans and rice.

Prevathon™ has proven to be extremely effective against shoot/fruit borers, a persistent pest that can severely reduce the farmer's harvest if not controlled.

The name Prevathon conveys the key product attributes of "prevention" and "long lasting" in a way that is easily understood across diverse global markets.

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