Hi-definition DVR hard drive name – Pipeline HD
Seagate Showcase

Seagate hired Igor to name a new internal hard drive optimized for recording high-definition movies and TV programs, which we named Pipeline HD. The drive will be featured in Seagate's new Showcase external enclosure, which Igor also named, as well as in OEM DVRs and other media center products.

The name Pipeline HD conveys the "fat pipe" of high bandwidth and massive storage required by high-definition content, as well as evoking the legendary Banzai Pipeline surf reef in Hawaii as a metaphor for "channel surfing". Adding the descriptive appendage "HD" conforms to company functional requirements to clearly differentiate this as a specifically high-definition product, which also conveys that it is designed and optimized for home DVR and media center use. Notes the Showcase / Pipeline press release:

The new Showcase family will feature Seagate’s recently announced Pipeline HD™ Series of hard drives purpose-built for DVRs. Seagate Pipeline HD™ Series hard drives are the gold standard in high definition performance and capacity with bedroom-quiet acoustics, low power operation and the ability to support up to 12 simultaneous HD streams. The drives are Windows Vista Certified, making them an ideal solution for Home Media Centers.

Soon you'll be able to surf your own Pipeline, either with an external Showcase box attached to your TV, or installed by the manufacturer directly in your DVR. Dive in.