Printing media company name – Mosaic

Fontana Lithograph/Affiliated Graphics was the name of one of the biggest, most respected and innovative printing shops in the Washington D.C. area. Since 1948 they have been the go-to print production firm on the east coast for clients from around the world.

The strategy behind Fontana's choice of a new name dictated a finely nuanced, pitch-perfect result. The new name's most basic task was to eliminate the distractions inherent in their one company being known by two distinctly different names, Fontana and Affiliated Graphics. Simple enough.

Things got really interesting when the client told us that they wanted to define an entirely new business segment, Corporate Print Collateral Consulting, while retaining their core identity as printers. Also critically important was that the new name not suggest that they were muscling-in on the territory of their client base that includes advertising agencies, branding consultants, and graphic design shops. Further, this family-owned business had recently been passed from the founding generation to the younger one, and it was important not to pick a name that suggested radical change was afoot, given their solid, sixty-year reputation in the printing business.

Corporate Print Collateral Consulting is all about managing and strategizing the printed collateral that a large enterprise produces to establish their image. Mosaic is the one name capable of conveying the idea of arranging many visual pieces into the most effective presentation possible, while at the same time capturing the idea of printing and walking the razor's edge between all of Mosaic's communication concerns.