Online window treatments company / product name – Jupiter Wells
Jupiter Wells

One of the most successful online retailers for blinds and window treatments hired Igor to name a new brand of upscale online window treatments. The new brand would go after a more affluent, less price sensitive, consumer with a higher quality product; it required different positioning, and a much better, evocative name to stand out from the crowd.

Here are the primary positioning objectives that the new brand had to accomplish, which we developed with our client as part of this project; the new name had to:

As a bonus, if the name sounded vaguely like it could be both a designer's name and/or evoke a non-specific sense of place, without being too obviously either one of those things, that would be great.

Igor created the perfect name for this company in Jupiter Wells, a name derived from a very small, very remote Australian Aboriginal settlement.

The name Jupiter Wells creates its own mystery. It is very unique among the competition, and people will naturally want to know more, which creates connection and emotional engagement with the consumer.

Jupiter Wells demonstrates, rather than explains, a unique, entirely new perspective. It is completely unexpected, which makes it intriguing, yet each word is grounded with enough shared mythology, stories and associations so as not to be a disconnect.