Financial business services company name – July
July business services

Texas Pension Consultants engaged Igor to help them name and brand their new financial services company. The new company will offer business services such as payroll, pension and human resource management to businesses of all sizes.

One of the key positioning points the name had to capture is "the freedom to focus on your core business." The name also needed to be fresh and different, yet fall within the parameters of the types of names associated with the financial services sector. That's right, the name had to be both intuitive and interesting, a pretty tall order.

Financial companies are most often identified by names that conjure nature, stability, or longevity. July is much more than the name of the month that Julius Caesar named after himself. It is the one name that covers all the established financial services cues, is fresh and different, and infers -- rather than shouts -- "Freedom," making it infinitely engaging.