Nokia CDMA premium fold phone name– Intrigue
Nokia Intrigue

Igor has worked with a number of different Nokia Business Units throughout the world, including the United States, where we created names for several striking new phones for Nokia's CDMA division that will be carried by Verizon.

The positioning for this family of phones included concepts such as hi-tech, futuristic, premium quality, and sexiness, but as these phones combined great music players with the latest in mobile phone technology in packages that revealed their depth through exotic illumination on multiple displays, the concepts of mystery, illusion, paradox, transformation, and "more than meets the eye" were the most central to evoking the power of these phones.

Igor delivered. The first phone in this family to launch with an Igor-created name was the Mirage, and now the next phone has just been launched, the Intrigue, a premium fold phone model.

Nokia Intrigue

Here are some excerpts from the Nokia / Verizon press release that best describe this beautiful new mobile phone:

Step into spring with an intriguing way to keep in touch
March 23, 2009

Nokia 7205 Intrigue is packed with music and productivity features; Verizon Wireless customers can customize their contacts with Habitat mode

BASKING RIDGE, NJ, USA and WHITE PLAINS, NY, USA - Just in time for spring, Verizon Wireless and Nokia, the world leader in mobility, today introduced the availability of the Nokia 7205 Intrigue. The sophisticated Nokia 7205 Intrigue will turn heads with its black exterior, hidden-until-lit external display, internal color keypad and support for exciting multimedia and music features….

The Nokia 7205 Intrigue's unique external display blends into its smooth black exterior; then when an incoming call or text is received, the display instantly illuminates. Customers can view incoming text messages, play their favorite songs from V CAST Music with Rhapsody®, or turn off the alarm clock to snooze a little longer - all from the external display. The Nokia 7205 Intrigue opens to reveal a gradient color keypad, available in silver-fade or pink-fade finishes with a different directional key for each finish.

Beyond its hip looks, the Nokia 7205 Intrigue is packed with entertainment services and productivity tools, including V CAST Music with Rhapsody and Visual Voice MailSM. V CAST Music with Rhapsody allows customers to choose from more than 5 million songs over the air, download the master copy of their songs to their PCs free of digital rights management software and sync their favorite tracks, albums and playlists from their PCs to their phones. Visual Voice Mail helps customers to prioritize their messages. The Nokia 7205 Intrigue has a microSD(TM) optional removable memory with up to 8 GB for additional storage.