Hatch No-Code Creative Platform – Launched January, 2023

Introducing Hatch, the world’s first No-Code Creative Platform.

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"We believe that the experience of creating software is powerful, liberating and a lot of fun. We’re creating Hatch to bring that experience to everyone, regardless of their technical background.

We love making fun software. We created Picnik, a popular web-based photo editor that was purchased by Google. Before that, Darrin co-founded Spiffcode, creators of Warfare, Inc, which won a Palm OS Game of the Year award. Mike co-founded Valve Software, creators of Half-Life, which won “Best Game of All Time” by PC Gamer. Before gaming, we worked on the not-award-winning Microsoft Bob and a couple of operating systems at Microsoft. All this experience has shaped how we look at software and has led us to this point in time.

Now we are creating Hatch, the world’s first No-Code Creative Platform."

Check out the sites behing created by the Hatch community:

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