Legal services company name – Firefly
Firefly Legal

The leading process server legal services company, Amicus, came to Igor in search of a new brand identity. They were looking for a name that expressed their vanguard corporate culture filled with bright people and bright ideas, and differentiated the company from all other legal firms that almost universally have either cold, legalistic names ("Amicus") or sound-alike strings of multiple partner surnames.

The name needed to support the brand positioning of openness – illuminating and demystifying an area of the legal profession that many people did not understand. It also had to be broad enough to work with any direction the company might take it in the future. Igor's new name for the company, Firefly, perfectly supports the brand positioning in the warmest, friendliest, most human and illuminating way possible.

From the Firefly Legal website:

Say hi to Firefly

Every case presents its own challenges, like impossible time crunches or complicated filings, missing information or missing persons. And that's where Firefly shines. Our unique approach has made us a leading light in the legal support industry since 1996. Rather than just move paperwork, we partner with attorneys to lighten their load and keep cases moving, no matter what.

Shedding new light on associate legal services

From process serving to court filing, expedited courier services to skip tracing and searches, we’ve earned a reputation for reliable, personal service and results delivered efficiently, with integrity, every time. Along the way, we've shown a knack for developing innovations that simplify daily life, like standing blanket orders and working with local courts to reduce time and paper waste for everybody.

Our secret isn't such a mystery. Being a leader in this industry means being the best possible support system for our clients. Every bright idea we might have begins with your business. And every obstacle to your success just fuels our fire.

Let there be light!