Nokia eco-friendly environmental mobile phone name – Evolve
Nokia Evolve

Igor has been working with Nokia business units all over the world to name new mobile phone models for various global markets. For their breakthrough new eco-friendly phone, Nokia wanted a name that would describe the environmental benefit of this particular model, but also serve as a rallying cry for enviromental awareness both within the company and among consumers. Igor created the name Evolve to perfectly express this dual mission as a phone name and a call to action.

Nokia 8600 Luna mobile phone

From the Evolve press release:

Towards greater environmental sustainability

Nokia also outlined its long heritage in addressing environmental issues and commitment to driving new initiatives in the mobile industry in areas such as energy efficiency, materials used in products, take back, recycling, and packaging. This was against the background of the launch of the Nokia 3110 Evolve, a mobile device with bio-covers made from more than 50% renewable material. The device is presented in a small package made of 60% recycled content and it comes with Nokia's most energy efficient charger yet, using 94% less energy than the Energy Star requirements*.

The Nokia 3110 Evolve is the latest in a series of environmental initiatives from the company. For example, Nokia was the first manufacturer to put alerts into its devices to encourage people to unplug their chargers. The power that could be saved globally by all Nokia phone users unplugging their chargers when no longer needed is equivalent to enough energy to power 100,000 average-size European homes. In February 2006, Nokia also introduced new compact packaging that reduced materials used by 54%, a move which by the end of this year will have resulted in 5,000 fewer trucks needed to distribute products, reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions, and savings of EUR 100 million.

* Energy Star requirements: strict energy-efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy.

Nokia's Evolve mobile phone is a beautiful marriage of form, function and environmental awareness that sets the stage for the company's continued push toward more sustainable products and manufacturing.