DuPont – 10 Product Names

DuPont "DuPont™ Rynaxypyr® insect control quickly controls important Lepidoptera pests and other selected species, keeping populations in check to maximize yields. It’s the first insecticide from the anthranilic diamide class of chemistry and is registered for use on vegetables, pome and stone fruit, tree nuts, grapes, corn, cotton and many other crops".

DuPont "DuPont™ Agility® SG combines four active ingredients in an advanced formulation that delivers reliable control of ALS-resistant and ALS-tolerant varieties of kochia as well as more than 70 other tough broadleaf weeds in wheat".

DuPont "DuPont™ Ally® XP provides postemergence control of more than 30 key broadleaf weeds, including common chickweed, Russian thistle and smartweed, in wheat, barley and fallow".

DuPont "DuPont™ Altacor® insect control powered by Rynaxypyr® uses a breakthrough mode of action to deliver remarkable protection. When used early in the pest life cycle, Altacor® prevents the buildup of tree nut pest populations to maximize crop quality and yield potential".

DuPont "DuPont™ Coragen® delivers reliable, consistent control of key insect pests, including labeled worms and leafminer (larvae), to help achieve high-quality, high-yielding crops, including tomatoes, cucurbits and dozens more".

DuPont "DuPont™ Prevathon® insect control delivers effective control of yield-reducing worms in cotton, corn, cereals, soybeans, peanuts, sunflower, dry beans and peas, legume vegetables, sugarcane, alfalfa, pasture and grasses. Powered by Rynaxypyr®, Prevathon® delivers excellent crop protection to even those pests that have developed resistance to products with other modes of action".

DuPont "DuPont™ Ferterra® is a convenient granular formulation for sugarcane pest management in India. Ferterra® provides an effective and long duration of early shoot borer and top borer control with its unique mode of action".

DuPont Now a Bayer product: "Perspective herbicide offers a great foundation for pre- and post-emergent bareground control with low use rates and less tank-mixing".

DuPont Now a Bayer product: "Streamline herbicide is a dispersible granule that is mixed in water and applied as a spray. It provides preemergence and/or postemergence control of the broadleaf weeds, vines and brush".

DuPont Now a Bayer product: "Viewpoint herbicide delivers the broadest brush control spectrum of any single product on the market. Ideal for rights-of-way, utility areas and more".