Enterprise storage hard drive name – Constellation
Seagate Showcase

For Igor's third naming project with Seagate, we were tasked with creating a new name for a business critical nearline enterprise storage hard drive. The product is to be a large capacity drive for deep storage, but housed in a small (2.5" disk) form factor. The name needed to support the following positioning points: large amounts of storage, a collection of important items, a central storage repository, and the concepts of immensity and magnitude that is both "infinite" and continuous. Oh, and since the drive is an example of a "Green" technology by virtue of its best-in-class low power consumption, a natural world connection in the name would be great too.

Igor came through with Constellation, which neatly supports all of the primary positioning requirements and is natural, "to boot" (drive pun intended, naturally).

Here's what Seagate has to say about the amazing new Constellation family of hard drives:

Seagate® Constellation™ portfolio includes the world's first 2.5-inch hard drive for Tier 2/nearline environments with best-in-class power efficiency and 3.5-inch high-capacity hard drives with up to 2 TB of storage for data-hungry applications. Constellation drives offer the best combination of nearline performance, enterprise-class reliability, low power consumption and high capacity, as well as a data security option.

Purpose-built for nearline environments, Constellation drives are the storage foundation that delivers long-term business sustainability. Optimize your IT resources while realizing cost and resource efficiencies; reduce complexities in the data center and reap the savings and rewards of green solutions—all while ensuring predictable reliability with Seagate Constellation hard drives.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Purpose-built for enterprise-class nearline applications
  • Lowest operating power for enterprise-class drives
  • Additional on-demand power savings for idle periods with PowerChoice™
  • 2X the throughput of other nearline hard drives with 6-Gb/s SAS 2.0
  • Highest RV tolerance for best-in-class nearline performance
  • Choose from SATA or SAS interfaces and 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch form factors
  • Secure your data with government-grade Self-Encrypting Drive option