Antidote CME

Medical World Conferences, providers of continuing medical education (CME) for primary care professionals, hired Igor to create a new name, positioning and tagline during a major corporate re-branding.

As detailed in the competive analysis we did for them, the company was rightly concerned that the name Medical World Conferences limited their ability to grow their business beyond the medical sector and was tough to distinguish from the crowd of sound-alike competitors.

The brand positioning dictated that MWC's new name would have to create the opportunity for the company to take ownership of the conversation in their industry, to support the idea that MWC was a refreshing change from all the other CME providers – a true thought leader. The name had to be warm, human, distinctive, eye-catching, memorable, and yet map back to medicine and the core service of continuing medical education. It also needed to work outside of the medical sector. And of course it needed to be a metaphor for all the company's brand positioning messages.

Antidote has it all. It is positive, proactive and works on several levels for both the CME audience and future audiences. Antidote is, as the tagline we created says, "The cure for the common CME," meaning that Antidote is unique and remarkable in the world of CME providers. Antidote is also the remedy for medical professionals who dread the thought of compulsory CME. Further, because Antidote literally conveys "cure" and "remedy," it is an aspiration shared by all medical professionals – indeed a big benefit of CME is to learn about new cures and treatments.

While Antidote is a common medical term, it is also loaded with intrigue and imagery, from Shakespeare to Agatha Christie to Harry Potter, making it a powerful name for those both within and outside of the medical profession, and a deep well for marketing and advertising going forward.