Need A Brand Name? Pick Igor’s Brains


Are your brand name brainstorming attempts long on storm and short on brains? Igor has plenty of brains in stock, ready to help you name whatever needs naming.  Most have very low mileage, are hardly ever driven during the week, and are used only sparingly on weekends to scan refrigerator contents and such. Jump in and pick our brains!  

Tips for picking a brain:

– Do not pick if the skin is too green–it’s not ripe yet.

– The brain should be viscous and phlegmatic, yet hold up to a good thumping. Not too firm, not too soft.

– The end that was twisted from the brain stem should be pliable when you poke your thumb through the outer membrane. If you can’t break the membrane with your fingernail, the brain was picked prematurely.

– Smell is the most reliable indicator of freshness.

– Have fun with it, but keep it platonic.


Our collection of brains can be picked through right here, at the Igor Brain Depository:

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